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I guess I should have worded it more WHAT expenses do you guys pay for monthly so I can accurately budget. I don’t want to forget anything.

Well you need to figure out first what you'd make so you're grounded and sure of what you can afford. Then you need to figure out if you really need TV and everything. The best way honestly to live is to find a place that fits your needs, location compared to job, and comfort. Then see how much money you have left and add things on while deducting their cost. Ideally you want to bank money per month so if you have a bad week or call out sick you're not fucked.

I think mostly I’m having trouble with making a list of things I’m for sure going to need to pay for monthly. I feel like I’m missing stuff.

I'd love to help you, but honestly you live a life based on your budget. Depending what you make decides how you live, what you drive decides your has(and how far on average), internet and tv is usually bundled together but again depends on what package you get and from what company, I mean you've got to give out your weekly to monthly income GUARENTEED for us to help you.

I make 3000/mo with army. But I have no idea what I would be making at a civilian job.